Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Inducts Mack Secord


Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Inducts Mack Secord

April 29, 2014


During 22 years of active duty as an Air Force pilot, Mack Secord served as a T-6 Mosquito pilot in Korea, a research pilot in T-33 and F-86D aircraft, and as instructor in the C-130. In addition, he was among the first

USAF pilots to serve in Vietnam when he was assigned duty as a Forward Air Controller in L-19/O-1A aircraft in January 1963. In November 1964, he flew one of 12 C-130 mission aircraft in Operation Dragon Rouge, a joint

USAF-Belgian operation to rescue hostages from Stanleyville, Congo.* Retiring from the Air Force in 1974, Secord moved to Atlanta, where he spent the next 20 years as an electric utility executive. In 1985, he joined ANGEL FLIGHT<sup>TM</sup> as one of its first pilots and later served as one of its board members. In 2008, he was given the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from ANGEL FLIGHT, and hence forth it was named the Mack Secord Award in his honor.

* The exact C-130 aircraft Secord flew on this mission is now a part of the aircraft collection at the Museum of Aviation.

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