How We Help Transplant Patients

We coordinate free medical flights for all of the patient’s needs throughout the entire transplant process.  This includes:

  • Pre Transplant Appointments
  • Actual Transplant Call
  • Post Transplant – Whether for routine follow-up complications or life enrichment programs such as camps
  • The Donor – We will coordinate all necessary flights for the donor.

Why We Do It

  • Helping neighbors in need is the right thing to do
  • Necessary treatment is not available locally
  • Travel costs are burdensome to patients
  • Public transportation is a risk due to immune deficiency challenges
  • Patients live in remote areas

Our Goals

  • Remove transportation as an obstacle in obtaining needed, often lifesaving, medical care for families in our community
  • Turn away no patient in need
  • Build our roster of volunteer pilots
  • Educate the medical community
  • Create public awareness of ANGEL FLIGHTTM
  • SAFETY is our absolute #1 priority

How To Request A Flight

ANGEL FLIGHT works directly with patients, their families, or healthcare professionals on their behalf.

  • Call our mission office directly @ 770-452-7958 ext 6 or 877-426-2643 ext 6
  • Complete prequalification and intake forms OR fax to 770-452-7391 or 877-420-7391