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Who We Serve

ANGEL FLIGHTTM can coordinate free air transportation for patients with medical hardships who cannot, either for financial or other reasons, use commercial airlines. These can be routine medical treatments, one-time operations or other compassionate purposes. Patients must be able to enter and exit the aircraft without assistance, travel in a non-pressurized aircraft, and preferably, with a travel companion.

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How We Serve

ANGEL FLIGHT serves as the coordinator for a pool of volunteer pilots and “Earth Angels” dedicated to serving the community. Working with hospitals and health care professionals, ANGEL FLIGHT matches volunteer private pilots who are willing to donate flights with people in need of transportation.

Benefits of Air Travel

When a patient is too weak for long travel via bus or car, a flight in a light aircraft can cut the travel time in half. Air travel generally offers a smoother ride as well.

Patients prone to infection will benefit substantially by using ANGEL FLIGHT because they will not be exposed to large numbers of people, as would be expected on public transportation.

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Acceptance Criteria

The patient must meet the following criteria before being accepted for air transportation:

  • Be medically stable and be able to enter and exit aircraft without assistance, unless the patient is a child under 6 years old and can be carried by their guardian.
  • Have a legitimate medical need for services not available locally and need to avoid lengthy ground transportation.
  • Not be able to use or afford available alternate air transportation.
  • Be able to ride in a small, non-pressurized airplane that is not equipped for medical emergencies.
  • Provide own ground transportation to airport for departure and from the airport to treatment center.
  • Provide physician info that has recently seen the patient to authorize travel. We will need their name and fax number.
  • Sign a waiver releasing ANGEL FLIGHT from liability - pilots will have this form for signature. If under 18, an adult is required to sign beside minor's name.
  • Agree not to exceed our weight limit for changes of clothes and medical equipment. All items must be packed in a gym type bag.
  • Agree to verbally thank our volunteer pilots during your flight. And after your flight, to write thank you notes to each volunteer from a list that we will provide and one for our organization.
  • Understand that weather can cancel your mission. Have an alternate transportation in mind, or be prepared to reschedule.
  • Call us immediately if your appointment cancels or if you make other travel plans and do not need our service.

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Medical Care

Our volunteer pilots have no medical training and can offer no medical advice or support. Patients must be medically stable, able to enter and exit the aircraft with little or no assistance, and capable of traveling in a sitting position for the duration of the flight.

The planes we use are private aircraft. They carry no medical equipment and they cannot accommodate stretchers. When a patient requires oxygen or other small, portable support equipment, arrangements can generally be made to allow its use during the flight, at the pilot's discretion. Determination of a patient's capability to be transported by private aircraft is entirely the responsibility of the patient and his or her physician. ANGEL FLIGHT requires a physician authorization letter concerning the patient's condition with will be sent to the local physician prior to flying.

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Where We Fly

ANGEL FLIGHT is the original volunteer pilot organization serving those who reside in or are traveling to or through the states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and the Carolinas since 1983. However, we know angels everywhere, and can coordinate with other volunteer pilot organizations within the Air Care Alliance to work with, when needs extend beyond our reach.

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Plan Ahead

ANGEL FLIGHT provides flights on an 'as needed' basis. We are not designed as an emergency or 'last minute' service, although we do our best when the need arises. Contact ANGEL FLIGHT as early as possible, we prefer at least 3-30 working days notice. The earlier we get notice, the better our chances of locating an available pilot.

ANGEL FLIGHT does not provide ground transportation at either the departure or destination airport, please make prior arrangements. We recommend that passengers eat a light meal an hour or two before the flight, flying on a full or empty stomach is not suggested. Motion sickness medications may be helpful, but should only be used with the consent of the patient's physician. ANGEL FLIGHT pilots cannot provide any medications to passengers.

Our flights can be affected by adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen events which may cause a pilot to delay or cancel a flight. These circumstances can usually be determined the day before, but we try to give you as much notice as possible. If this is the type of appointment that cannot be rescheduled, we recommend an alternate transportation plan.

Smoking is not permitted during flight. The airplanes are not equipped with restrooms or catering facilities. Please plan ahead.

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Limitations on Weight and Space

The aircraft we use have limited space and restricted weight-carrying capability. Passengers should plan to travel light, shipping extra luggage or equipment ahead may be necessary. Private planes typically have seating for two to three passengers. Each plane has a weight limit that must be observed. Generally, your bag should weigh 5 pounds per night you are staying. One or two small soft-sided gym bags are acceptable. A soft-sided gym bag is preferable because it permits the most efficient use of space.

At the time you request a flight, please be prepared to give us the approximate weights of the passengers and their bags.

Acceptable Baggage

Unacceptable Baggage

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