Patient Stories

Please take a moment and look through the stories of some of the people we've helped...


Dear Mr. Culwell, (Pilot)
“First, let me just say thank you! I truly appreciate you donating your time to fly me to my appointment in Orlando, Florida.  Without you and your generosity, I would not have been able to travel to my much needed doctor’s appointment.
With my medical history, and the rarity of my condition, there are not doctors locally.  The doctors that I have seen have not been able to treat me successfully.
I am looking forward to this flight on a smaller plane.  I have only flown twice in my life, and I cannot wait to add this trip to my list.
Sometimes it is the small acts of people that can be the biggest blessing.  Volunteering your time to fly me  is for from a small act, but it is a huge blessing to me and my family.  Since I have become chronically ill I have come to realize that there still are great people like yourself, in the world.”.

Thanks again!


Look at me! I LOVE BASEBALL!
Hi, my name is Dylan. I was born with a very rare condition called Giant Congenitial Melanocytic Nevus and I travel to meet with my doctors at Cincinnati Children's often.
Dylan's father states "We appreciate all that you do and thank you for being an everyday angel in the lives of so many people in need."


Thankful! Thankful! Thankful!
"I have a couple of rare genetic disorders and other health problems that cannot be addressed in Alabama, so I started looking for help in 2013 and came across ANGEL FLIGHT SOARSTM. They have helped me so much! ANGEL FLIGHTTM has been there for me in so many ways and are always great and so are the pilots who give so generously of their time and planes. My health issues are not life or death, but they are hard to deal with. I would be pretty bad off if it weren't for ANGEL FLIGHT SOARS. I do know all those who help will have wonderful karma coming back to them. I am so Thankful!"
Juanita-Prattville AL
Pictured with one of many angels, Volunteer ANGEL FLIGHTTM Pilot Bryan Eastman


1st Mission was a Great one!
Cancer patient, Mrs. Bain, really enjoyed her flight to Newnan GA. Her pilot Brian Newsome was thrilled to be able to help such a sweet lady get to her treatment!
"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed my first ANGEL FLIGHT mission. Mrs. Bain and her daughter were great passengers and very appreciative. I look forward to scheduling my next mission! Thanks, Brian"

Francis is 57 years young and is currently on the liver transplant list in Atlanta GA at Piedmont Hospital. He is fortunate enough to still be able to lead a pretty normal life but can not work, so traveling for appointments can be quite a struggle financially for he and his wife Leslie. Driving four hours or more really takes a toll on him so to say they are thankful for Angels like Volunteer ANGEL FLIGHTTM Pilot Doug Ellis is just not enough. Thank you Doug for making this journey easier for Francis and for being a blessing to he and his family.




Angel Update!

 In February, we flew 7-year-old Addison from Tampa, FL, to Atlanta for her liver transplant through our Transports for Transplants Program. Here she is at six months post transplant, doing great! Her mom, Sherry, says "Addison has so much energy now! She is so happy to be feeling better. Thank you for making a difference in our lives and other families lives as well." Our wonderful pilots Paul Benamy, Ron Sewell and Dean Benamy are the heroes who made this happen.