Sponsor a Mission Flight

Everybody wants to do their part, but sometimes the power of friends and family can exceed what you can do on your own. That's why ANGEL FLIGHTTM created the Sponsor a Mission program, which allows pilots and individuals to create unique and personalized fundraising campaigns where you can pick which patient you want to sponsor and help them take flight on their next mission!

Every campaign has a goal of $500, which is what it costs ANGEL FLIGHT in addition to what the pilots donate to get one patient in the air. Every supporter of ANGEL FLIGHT is more powerful than you think, because behind every supporter of ANGEL FLIGHT is a wide array of friends, family, co-workers and peers that can help us reach our goal of saving lives.

Every person has the potential to make a difference, and what better way than by letting your friends, family and community help you so you can help support our mission and expand the ANGEL FLIGHT family at the same time!

Top Fundraisers This Month

Every month we like to acknowledge our top earners and recognize them for their achievement! Thank you so much for your significant contribution towards our goal of saving lives and getting several patients in need of treatment on their way towards recovery! 

Mike Murdock
Pilot - $1600

Adam Segal
Volunteer - $1200

Sam Hermond
Pilot - $800



Example Website Template

Here's an example of what your website could look like! After you select which patient you want to sponsor on their next flight, you simply add a picture of yourself in the bottom left hand corner and write a short description so your friends and family can see what you're trying to achieve!