Earth Angels

Although the pilots seem to receive most of the visibility, it is the strength of the "ground support" which gives them their wings. "Earth Angels" are to ANGEL FLIGHTTM, what the control tower is to an airport. Much like an Air Traffic Controller makes air travel possible, Earth Angels make ANGEL FLIGHT missions possible!

Earth Angels are critical to the success of our organization and ensure our ability to help those in need. The key to running and growing an organization lies in the ability to build a strong group of volunteers as support to a small paid staff. ANGEL FLIGHT has done just that with their "Earth Angel" program. We currently enjoy hundreds of Earth Angels. These volunteers work with us in everything we do and we couldn't exist without their support!

We would love to have your assistance in the Earth Angel program. Our needs are great, and there are many opportunities to assist such as helping in the office or with fundraisers, speaking publicly, writing grants and articles, making scrapbooks, making telephone calls and the list goes on and on.

Our Earth Angels are needed to handle registrations, work display booths, run silent auctions and to gather merchandise, tickets, gift certificates, etc. for the silent auctions and raffles at these events. We can also use help in the office during business hours. You can sign up on line, by email - earthangel@angelflightsoars.org - or call 770-452-7958.

Be sure to visit the "upcoming events" on our homepage to keep current with our activities.

If you are interested in becoming an Earth Angel, complete a Volunteer Application.