Thank you for joining the ANGEL FLIGHTTM Family

Please complete and submit the following form.  Confirmation will be sent via email when your application and supporting documentation have been received.  In addition to the online information, we will also require: 

  • Copy of your pilot certificate, medical and insurance if you own your own plane
  • Copy of your log book or other document with proof of currency
  • Copy of your driver's license

The minimum requirements for an ANGEL FLIGHTTM pilot are 250 logged hours and an instrument rating.  Once ANGEL FLIGHT receives your application and all supporting documentation, we will email the pilot orientation to you. 

See Pilot Page for further information.  We look forward to serving with you! 

Pilot Application

Personal Information

First Name  *Last Name  *Street Address  *Address Continued County  *City  *State  *Zip Code  *Spouse Name Spouse Contact Phone Employer Job Title Work Phone Home Phone  *Cell Phone  *Email  *Website Address Emergency Contact  *Emergency Contact Phone  *ID for Home Base Airport  *FBO Pilot Certification Number  *Medical Expires  *Class  *

BFR Expires  *Height Weight (lbs) Driver License Number  *Driver License State  *Date of Birth  *


Certificates: Ratings: 

Flying Time Total Hours  *IFR  *MULTI Other As of (mm/dd/yyyy)  *



Airplane Year Airplane Make Model Model No. Airplane Call Sign N Speed Number of Seats Hourly Value of Operating Available Load Capacity(Load Capacity minus pilot, fuel, etc.) Have you ever been P.I.C. in a flying accident or incident?  *Has you pilot's license ever been suspended or revoked?  *If you answered 'yes' to either question above, please describe circumstances 

Additional Information check all that apply:

Do you speak another language? If yes, Language (s) Spoken: Schedule Availability 

How did you hear about ANGEL FLIGHT? 

How Can You Help Us?

Many ANGEL FLIGHT members lend valuable assistance beyond mission piloting. Please indicate below how you may be able to help by checking all that apply: Extra Help 


Membership Agreement

By submitting this application, I hereby affirm that all information I have provided with this form and supporting documentation is accurate and correct. I agree to timely inform ANGEL FLIGHT of any changes to this information, including andy revocation, suspension, or other FAA enforcement actions against me. I further agree to abide by all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, including those related to pilot currency, and any applicable standards or limitations contained in applicable pilot operating handbooks, including weight and balance restrictions, for any aircraft that I may operate for an ANGEL FLIGHT coordinated mission.. I understand that I remain, at all time, pilot in command of any mission that I undertake for ANGEL FLIGHT and that I am solely responsible for the safety of that mission. I also understand and agree that membership in ANGEL FLIGHT is a privilege and understand that such membership is subject to revocation at any time, with or without reason. Finally, I consent to and agree that ANGEL FLIGHT may verify my pilot rating (s), record of enforcement actions, if any, and other information related to my pilot certificate that may be maintained by the FAA. I hold a valid FAA medical certificate or comply and be current with BasicMed requirements. I Agree  *

Upload Supporting Documents

License Picture ID Medical Log Book-last 2 pages Insurance Declaration page only-if you own plane