An angel in the sky?
Nah... Just our volunteers.


You've earned your wings, now it's time to get your halo! Please join us in our mission to eliminate the barriers of transportation for those in need of life-changing medical treatments. Click below to find out more about becoming an Angel Flight Soars pilot.

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Earth Angels

Our Earth Angels help transport patients by ground to and from medical facilities, airports and their homes. During event season, Earth Angels are also needed to help load/unload, setup and work booths. Click below to find out more.

Earth Angel

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Disaster Relief

On a daily basis, Angel Flight Soars brings people to hope. In times if disaster, we bring hope to people. During natural and man-made disasters, we answer the call and you too can sign up to volunteer when there is an active disaster relief mission.

Disaster Relief

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"No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another."

      - Joseph Addison