Meet the Angels

Our management team is a mother-daughter duo that took the helm in 1999 - a family helping families. Since that time, our organization has experienced a rebirth, and has increased over 1,250% in the number of flights coordinated annually. Jeanine Chambers is our Executive Director and her mom Bernadette Darnell is Director of Mission Operations.

Jeanine Chambers

Executive Director
770.452.7958 Ext. 3501

Bernadette Darnell

Director of Missions
770.452.7958 Ext. 3506

Angelina Chaudoin

Mission Coordinator
770.452.7958 Ext. 3510

Courtney Chambers

Mission Coordinator
770.452.7958 Ext. 3503

Sheila Parker

Patient Coordinator
770.452.7958 Ext. 3506

Greg Headshot
Gregory Hendrix

Mission Assistant
770.452.7958 Ext. 3532

Vicki Cameron

Executive Assistant
770.452.7958 Ext. 3505


Leighton Weatherby

Grants Coordinator
770.452.7958 Ext. 3508

Stephen Jamieson

Project Coordinator
770.452.7958 Ext. 3515

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Board of Directors

John alston
Larry Jordan
Doug Towns
C Logan Anderson
Sheree Rosende
Bert Light
Mac Secord
Jeanine Chambers
Steve Craig
Doug ellis
Greg Greenbaum
Blanton Hamilton
Tatianta Lauth
Lowe, Edward
Riochard Thacker
Mike Van wie
Sherry Videtto
Dean winegradner