Angel Flight Soars Pilots Have Earned Their Wings.
Now, They're Working on Their Halos!

How Will You Lift Someone Up Today?

Instead of just punching holes in the sky, join ANGEL FLIGHT SOARSTM and start punching holes through barriers.

ANGEL FLIGHT SOARS is a nonprofit organization consisting of volunteer pilots and non-pilots who have earned more than just their wings. Our pilots unselfishly donate their planes and their fuel, and fly missions whenever and wherever there’s someone in need.

To Earn Your Halo, You Don't Need a Large or Fast Plane. 

It doesn't take a miracle to get people the medical care they need, but it does take a few angels. 

Since the year 2000, ANGEL FLIGHT has increased over 1500% in annual missions coordinated. So we can always use a few more people with a deep commitment to helping others. In 2023, we coordinated 4,276 missions.

To earn your halo you don't need a large or fast plane. Most of our missions are flown in single-engine, four-seat aircraft and the majority are within a 300-400 mile radius of your home base airport. 250 hours and an instrument rating is necessary because most flights must be flown under Instrument Flight Rules.

We are not an air-ambulance service, or an emergency medical service. We require that patients be ambulatory, medically stable, non-contagious, non-psychiatric and able to get in and out of the aircraft with little or no assistance. With approval, we allow patients to be accompanied by a nurse or carry FAA approved oxygen concentrators, cylinders and other medical equipment. And we always welcome a friend or family member to fly along for additional support.

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You've earned your wings, now it's time to get your halo!  Please join us in our mission to eliminate the barriers of transportation for those in need of life-changing medical treatments.  Click below to fill out your volunteer pilot application or If you have any questions, call us at 770.452.7958.

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“After volunteering the first time, I realized very quickly that flying missions wasn’t about me and what I wanted to get out of flying. This is about getting  people to the medical treatment they must receive and possibly saving a life.”

- Bert Light, Angel Flight Soars pilot and board member