Larry Jordan – 2020 Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award Finalist - Sept 09, 2020

by Stephen Jamieson | Oct 18, 2023

Larry has volunteered for 21 years and has flown over 115 mission flights for Angel Flight Soars; he formed a speaker’s bureau to help spread awareness of the organization and to recruit volunteer pilots and donors; and he donates his time, fuel and aircraft as a volunteer pilot.

Angel Flight Soars serves the community by providing free non-emergency air transportation to life-changing medical care that is not available locally through the coordination of free “on-demand” flights on private aircraft with volunteer pilots. With Larry’s constant drive, passion and competitive spirit, he has helped grow Angel Flight’s impact significantly and in 2019 they completed 3,617 missions, with 1,237 of those being for children. He is dedicated to making Angel Flight a stronger organization that can help more people every day.

Larry has a personal connection to the organization as he lost his daughter to heart disease in 1997. His family had hoped for the possibility of a transplant, but she left this world on her third open heart surgery.

He has not only been a NASCAR fan for more than 20 years, he was a short track driver in the local series where he placed Angel Flight Soars on every car or truck he drove. He’s taken the Angel Flight Soars team to a NASCAR race where they met Chase Elliott, his favorite driver. … Funds received from winning the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award would provide 195 free mission flights for children needing distant, specialized medical treatment.

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